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Giuseppe Camporese

European Curriculum Vitae – 2012

Personal Informations
Dr. Giuseppe Camporese
Nationality: Italian
Date of Birth: 1965 June 25
Gender: Male
Status: Married, two daughters

Work Experience

Today, since 2001
Supervisor of Working Unit of Emergency of In- and Out-Patients of
Angiology Care Unit University Hospital Padua (Italy)

Since 2008
Member of Executive Committee of Italian Society for
Vascular Diagnosis

Since 1998
Assistant Professor of Angiology Care Unit
University Hospital Padua (Italy)

Education and Training
Post-Graduation on Medical Angiology
University of Catania (Italy)

1993 – 1998
Post-Graduate Internship in Unit Care of Angiology
University Hospital of Padova

Graduation Medical School of University of Padua (Italy)
Summa (110/110)

High School Graduation, Liceo Scientifico “E. Curiel” – Padua