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The C0s item of the CEAP classification


The C0s item of the CEAP classification

Lunedì 16 Gennaio 2006


The C0s item of the CEAP classification is one of the emerging topics in venous disease epidemiology.

It has been referred to by several studies, but until today it has not been clearly assessed by any specific study. In Italy, the topic has interested several groups of researchers since the 1980s. The author carried out several pilot studies with infrared photoplethysmography (PPG), strain-gauge plethysmography, laser-Doppler and echo-duplex.

The results suggested that one of the pathophysiological causes of venous disease-related subjective symptoms without varicose veins could be caused by the reduction of the venous wall tone, and the term hypotonic phlebopathy (HP) to describe these patients with chronic venous-disease related symptoms without varicose veins has been proposed. The diagnosis criteria are focused on symptoms (heavy legs in upright position, restless leg syndrome, subedema

and/or evening edema) and signs detected by photoplethysmography (PPG), strain-gauge plethysmography and duplex scanning (reduction of the muscle-venous calf pump and increase of the venous wall compliance).

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