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Effects of elastic stocking on Quality of Life of Patients with Chronica Venous Insufficiency


Effects of elastic stocking on Quality of Life of Patients with Chronica Venous Insufficiency

Lunedì 31 Ottobre 2005


Aim. Even though compression therapy is the most recommended treatment for chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) in the national and international guidelines, its application, at least in Italy, is lower than the estimated need from the prevalence of CVI in the epidemiological studies. Since we believe that the measurement of the impact of compression therapy on quality of life (QoL) could improve the compliance for this precious treatment, we carried out this study on 50 patients with CVI.

Methods. Fifty patients (23 CEAP C2 and 27 C3-4-5, selected within a larger study on QoL in CVI), received a prescription for compression therapy. Before treatment and 4 months

afterwards, the patients received the instrument for QoL assessment (MOS SF-36; CIVIQ-2; Euro-QoL 5D and a visual analogue scale). The score scales have been adjusted to

poorest QoL as 0 and best QoL as 100.

Results. Baseline QoL of patients in class C2 did not show significant difference with the healthy Italian Population, except for the physical role item. The patients in class C3-4-5 showed significant reduction of QoL. After 4 months all the items of the utilized instrument showed significant improvement (from P<0.01 to P<0.04 for SF-36; from P<0.099 to P<0.006 for other instruments) in all CEAP classes.

Conclusion. The study unquestionably shows that the compression therapy improves the QoL of patients with CVI, and should be included in the CVI treatment covered by the Public National Health Insurance. Finally, the QoL measurement could be utilized as the scientific method to assess the effectiveness and efficacy of different therapeutic devices.

[Int Angiol 2005;24:325-9]

Key words: Bandages – Compression therapy

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